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Bloom Therapeutic recreation and Fitness aims to help all of our clients live the healthiest lives they can. We offer the experience, guidance and positive reinforcement you need to reach your personal goals. All of our programs are individually designed and can be offered virtually or in person by our team of highly qualified staff. Take a look at some of the services we offer, and please get in touch if you have any questions.  

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Among the important benefits of recreation for the senior population are increased health and fitness, as well as opportunities for socializing, for using skills and talents developed throughout their lifetime, and for learning new skills.


We help seniors stay physically active as an important part of a fall prevention strategy. We offer exercise programs that promote balance training combined with strength and flexibility, which have been shown to be effective in significantly reducing falls and  injuries resulting from a fall. ​


Our fitness programs include a warm up cool down, and we always encourage self-monitoring by allowing participants to exercise at a safe level and offer options to modify intensity. All of our programs are adapted to match the physical capabilities of all participants, and/or chronic health conditions - physician approval may be required.

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Yoga Class for all Ages


Made to be shared, recreation often unites people and equips them to build a stronger and healthier community. Recreation creates opportunities for people to be active, offering diverse and enjoyable ways to stay healthy, regardless of what their common denominator may be. Sport and recreation helps to bind communities through shared experiences and shared achievements. 

Bloom is a mobile service, which means that we provide a personalized and specialized service, including any necessary equipment, and offer it at any location requested by your organisation. We value an all-inclusive, professional and stress-free collaboration with our partner organisations, making the service accessible to your clients our priority.

Our current group options include Chair yoga, resistance band fitness routines, fall prevention programs, strength and mobility routines, walking/wheeling clubs, and plenty of inclusive sport and recreation opportunities.


We offer a discounted rate for all non-profit and community organizations, contact us for details.

Participation in sport and recreation activities not only enhances people’s health and well being, but has also been proven to have a tremendous positive impact on mental health. Bloom provides individuals experiencing mental health problems the opportunity to interact with others, increasing social inclusion, as well as individualized programs targeted towards reaching your mental health and wellness goals. Bloom offers an inclusive and accessible environment, where everyone feels welcome, regardless of background or personal attributes.

Contact us to learn more. 

Bloom currently works hand-in-hand with a variety of health centers, an assisted living facilities and other private organisations in the area, offering various fitness and recreation group programs for their clients. From Chair yoga & other seated exercise programs, to team building and stress management techniques, you name it, we do it.   


You may be looking to complement your existing services or thinking of offering your clients or employees the opportunity to experience something new. We have a large variety of programs that are tailored to your organisational needs and values, at a competitive price. 

Working with us offers many quantitative advantages, including reducing program costs, offering expertise and quality service, while increasing your productivity and time management. It lets you focus on what’s most important to you:  your  organization. Imagine everything you could take on with the time saved! 

We supply the necessary equipment, guarantee a professional service, and we do whatever it takes to ensure your entire satisfaction. Contact us for more information.

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Participation in sport and recreation activities not only enhances people’s health and well being, but provides people with opportunities to interact with others, increasing social inclusion and a feeling of connectedness to their local community. Bloom offers an inclusive and accessible environment, where everyone feels welcome, regardless of ability, background or personal attributes.

Whether you want to experience a new para-sport, or keep active by participating in regular recreation and physical activity, or learn new stress-reduction techniques, we have the programs for you! We offer you the guidance and support you need to achieve your goals, while showing you the infinite possibilities that await you. 

Contact us for more details.


Because, as a military family ourselves, we not only understand the immeasurable sacrifice you and your family have endured, but also the impact it may have have had on your family's health and well-being. 

Bloom offers personalized programs for Canadian military veterans or first responders who have experienced  injuries and/or live with physical and mental health illnesses due to their dedication and sacrifice, for the safety of our country. From private programs to reintegrate some of your favorite sports or leisure activities following an injury, to group programs specially designed  to address any symptoms or challenges which may be resulting from your current health situation, we have the program for you.

We offer a 15% discount to Canadian Military Veterans and First responders on all of our services, year round (contact us for details). 

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Meditation Class
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