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Wellness Companions Program

Bloom Therapeutic Recreation hosts university students in the field of Therapeutic Recreation from around Canada to complete their final semester Internship under our supervision. With their gracious help and support, we are able to offer a free virtual program for individuals looking for support. 


These services are ten weeks of 1:1 and small group sessions for individuals of all ages and abilities who may be experiencing social isolation or are witnessing setbacks in their wellbeing, by providing meaningful programs tailored to their needs, interests, and goals. Our virtual recreation therapy sessions aim to help break the barriers of isolation and keep our community moving, stimulated, and connected.

Whether you would like to increase your strength, mobility, coordination, or learn a new skill, our students will be available to support

your journey along the way!

Virtual Meditation
Senior Couple Doing Yoga
Image by krakenimages

Our virtual recreation therapy sessions aim to help break the barriers of isolation and keep our community moving, stimulated, and connected.

What to Expect

Based on the participant’s scheduling preferences, the therapist would meet with the individual once or twice a week virtually over the span of 8 to 12 weeks. Our virtual recreation therapy sessions would begin with an initial assessment to gather information about your needs and goals, followed by an individualized program plan designed to help you meet those goals and engage in your desired leisure experiences. Our sessions include progress notes and observations after each session as well as a final progress report to allow you to witness your success!

Program Example

For example, an individual may come to us as an older adult in the community experiencing social isolation and lack opportunities for physical activity. After an initial assessment session, the therapist may discover more about the individuals needs and interests, and together discuss goals to work on in the following weeks. An example of program goals may be: (1) improve the client’s ability to perform activities of daily living by improving their physical fitness, (2) decrease the client’s feelings of isolation. Based on these goals, the therapist may meet with the client virtually on Zoom and lead an exercise program adapted to match the interests, physical capabilities, and/or chronic health conditions of the participant. Furthermore, to meet the second goal the participant may be introduced to a small group program to help improve feelings of social connectedness.



Other programs could include arts based activities, journaling, mindfulness and meditation, reminiscence, and many other possibilities tailored to your own needs!

Check back shortly, registration for the next session will update in Summer 2022!

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