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Kids Club

with Miss Lara

Kids Club is a new virtual program offering children an opportunity to socialize with others their age, increase their self-esteem, share their ideas and opinions, and let out their energy, all without ever leaving the house!


About Lara

Leader and creator of Kids Club

Lara is a Special Education Teacher with over 10 years of experience working with kids. She works privately with families of children with special needs to help them reach their goals. She also has a few small virtual programs for kids. Lara always creates a warm and inviting environment where children of all abilities feel included and accepted. She focuses on each child's strengths and interests to help them reach their goals. She uses play, humour, and movement to keep kids active and engaged in her programs. The small number of children in her programs allows each child to have plenty of opportunities to share their feelings and ideas, and interact with their peers.


Lara's energy, enthusiasm and creativity is contagious- even through Zoom! She's looking forward to all the fun times to be had at Kids Club.

Next session dates: 

April 7th - April 28th 

Every Wednesday from 5pm - 5:45pm

About the program

From April 7th - April 28th, Special Education Teacher Lara will lead Kids Club virtually on Zoom on Wednesdays from 5pm - 5:45pm. This program is open to children of all abilities between the ages of 5 - 7 and is aimed to provide opportunities for movement and for kids to expend their energy in a positive way. Because of the small group size, children will be able to develop meaningful friendships and connections with other kids. We think of it as a short break while parents make dinner and/or have some peace and quiet!


Some examples of activities that may be run in Kids Club include:



Story time

Show and tell

Sharing our feelings

Discussing ways to calm down when we’re upset

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