Healthy Aging Collective

The Healthy Aging Collective is a program developed by Bloom as part of the efforts to provide support and services to seniors experiencing social isolation as a result of the pandemic. 


The program is funded by the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP). The NHSP is a federal grant that provides funding for projects that make a difference in the lives of seniors in the community. 

About the program


The program will be a collective initiative with seniors in the community being actively involved in the creation of a unique, collaborative, and inclusive Wellness Resource. The Wellness Collective Workbook will be entirely developed by independent seniors 50 years of age or older along with individuals of all abilities from our communities coming together on our volunteer-based advisory committee.


The collective resource aims to give seniors, caregivers, and healthcare workers the tools to help stimulate, engage, and connect seniors across Canada.


Under the care of our dedicated Recreation Therapists, the activities and resources in the workbook will be entirely developed by our advisory committee composed of independent seniors in our communities.

Program goals

The goal of this program is to promote healthy aging, social engagement, and inclusion. It has been developed to be delivered virtually in response to the social isolation and mental health decline that seniors are facing as a result of the global pandemic.


Our team of Recreation therapists will ensure that all sorts of supports and resources are offered to our participants to help them navigate the virtual platforms.


We hope to offer a safe space to space for you to share, empathize, learn, grow and experience vitality.

In the third phase of the Healthy Aging Collective, a new group of participants consisting of seniors of all abilities and backgrounds will be offered a twelve week long virtual program free of charge, and will be mailed a paper copy of the Wellness Workbook.


Participants will be invited to join two virtual social groups per week and participate in various discussions in a virtual social environment, experiencing the resources, activities and worksheets first-hand.


This phase will be facilitated by a team of Recreation Therapy consultants, who will help them navigate the virtual platform and engage participants socially while addressing various aspects of their wellbeing


The Wellness Workbook

The final component of the Healthy Aging Collective will include the evaluation of outcomes and final recommendations from our committee, with the intent of publishing the first edition of this collective workbook. 


Our hope for this project is to provide interactive resources and support for individuals, caregivers, family members and healthcare professionals across the country to help them stimulate, engage and connect with seniors in their lives.


We aim to launch the workbook with all proceeds going towards a second edition of the project next year, along with donations to charities supporting seniors in our community. 

    The Healthy Aging Collective project will be held entirely online over a video conferencing platform to ensure the safety of all parties involved during the COVID-19 pandemic and encouraging physical distancing. 

Interested in participating in the project? Contact us!

Application form coming soon. 

The collective resource aims to give seniors, caregivers, and healthcare workers the tools to help stimulate, engage, and connect seniors across Canada.