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Amanda Smart

Recreation Therapy Consultant

B.A. Therapeutic Recreation, Concordia University


About Amanda

Hi there! My name is Amanda Smart and I studied Therapeutic Recreation at Concordia University, and now have the pleasure of working with a diverse range of clients here at Bloom. Throughout my degree and professional experience, I have had the pleasure of working with children with Autism, older adults with Dementia, adolescents, individuals with Cerebral Palsy as well as patients recovering from stroke and other physical/cognitive impairments. The way I see it, Therapeutic Recreation (TR) is the work of helping others experience leisure that leads to greater wellbeing in all domains (ex. social, emotional, cognitive, physical, spiritual, etc.). While recognizing the client as the expert of themselves, my role is to empower personally meaningful growth by supporting you in discovering your strengths to overcoming challenges through recreation, while taking into account the implications of your unique environment, needs, and interests. Reaching your goals can and should be fun! My job is to support you throughout this process. In my own spare time, I enjoy dancing, kayaking, writing, playing video games, painting, playing music, doing makeup (I’m a makeup artist) and playing with my pets. In terms of my personality, I tend to be very bubbly, empathetic and love to laugh. I look forward to meeting you and discovering the leisure lifestyle that makes you happiest!

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